This rubber O-ring temperature chart shows high and low rubber temperature range resistance for all popular materials. Make sure that your material is compatible with your environment by going to our rubber properties and chemical compatibility sections.


High-quality O Ring Manufacturers & Viton Temperature Range Suppli. With relatively inexpensive and reliable performance, O-ring is one of the most frequently used products in sealing applications. This kind of mechanical seal is divided into 2 types which are respectively 1527 type and 1528 type.

Viton seals hold indefinitely at temperatures up to 400°F and can last up to 48 hours at temperatures up to 600°F. Encapsulated O-Ring Temperature Range Chart. Temperature range for encapsulated o-rings are detailed in the chart below, this is a complete list of standard products. Harder than standard Viton® fluoroelastomer cord stock for better wear resistance. It resists benzene, boric acid, ethylene glycol, and isopropyl alcohol. Use it to make round-profile O-rings, which are suitable for a wide range of static and dynamic sealing applications.

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Temperature range: The neoprene O-ring temperature range is between -65 degrees Fahrenheit and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Types of O-ring seals. Suited for: Neoprene can seal refrigerants in refrigeration and air conditioner units, as well as petroleum oils and mild acid resistance silicate ester lubricants. Viton Gaskets, O-Rings and Seals Fluorocarbon rubber (FKM Viton®) Fluorocarbon rubber (FKM Viton ® ) has excellent resistance to high temperatures, ozone, oxygen, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fluids, fuels, aromatics, and many organic solvents and chemicals.


Bearbetning: plottning, skärning med vattenstråle, fräsning, limning, foliering och Wir bieten eine große Auswahl an FKM (Fluorkautschuk), FFKM (Perfluorelastomere), Viton®, FKM Zellkautschuk- EPDM Temp. 2011/65EU(ROHs)Temp. silicone-free, PAH-free according to EG 2005/69, temperature range: -40 ° C to 

Fluorocarbon-Viton(4). 93. 6 Dec 2020 New Polymers being offered have improved chemical resistance and low temperature performance.

20 Sep 2017 This type of gaskets for flanges suits low pressure, low temperature, and fluorocarbon (Viton); graphite; BUNA-n-rubber (nitrile, NBR gasket) The inner ring improves the pressure rating of the spiral wound gasket,

Tellerfeder. 50CrV4. SCP007000.

Viton. Viton Fluoroelastomer / fluorocarbon / FKM. Viton or Fluorocarbon is a brand of fluoropolymer elastomer and synthetic rubber.
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Degrees in Fahrenheit (F ) Degrees in Celsius (C ) Polymer Type. 25° to 450°.

Temperature Range –100 Teflon® Encapsulated FEP/PFA Viton® and Silicone O-rings are available in 0-4 weeks.
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long distance pumping of oil. A. C O-ring. Oljesil. Nålventil. Pump 1:1. Väggfäste. Nippel. Nippel R3/4”-R1” Viscosity range: Max working temperature: 50°C Material justerkrage: Gjuten zink. Material o-ring: Viton. Closed System Oilers.

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Further, it may be noted that any change in the product range, location of Works/ Agip alcun obbligo o impegno di aggiudicazione, ne Viton vulcanized metal KONTROLL. Tredjepart. RING. KONSTRUKTIONSKONTROLLINTYG 1-4, 5 Beräkningstemperatur/Design temperature Beräkningstryck/Design pressure.

However, it can effectively seal mechanical objects at low temperatures to –22°F. Viton seals are rendered ineffective at temperatures below 5°F, with the material becoming hard and inflexible.